Thank you for your interest in advertising on CSS Sprite Generator.


Since launch in September 2007 CSS Sprite Generator has averaged over 300 visitors per day with peaks reaching around 7000 visitors per day. It's been featured on popular sites like CSS Vault, Ajaxian and CSS Beauty. The tool has over 13000 inbound links and it's been bookmarked over 2100 times in

The nature of the tool encourages regular repeat visits and its users speak a total of 113 different languages. To date it's available in 3 languages thanks to translations provided by its users.


The following formats are available for purchase:

  • 2 * graphical button ads (displayed at the top of the sidebar on every page)
  • 10 * text links (displayed in the sidebar below the graphical button ads)

Additionally a 3rd rotating ad slot is reserved for those users that have been kind enough to provide us with translations for the tool. If you've previously supplied translations email us for information about this.

Graphical button ads are standard IAB 120 * 90 and cost $200 per month (30 days). Text links cost $125 per calendar month.


If you'd like to purchase and ad please email us with details of when you'd like the ad to run and we'll take it from there.