In total users of this tool speak 113 different languages (at least their web browsers are telling us that's the case). Currently we support 18 which is a fantastic achievement but we'd love to add more.

Usage Globally

Map of number of visitors from each country

Translations Most Needed

According to our stats the following languages are those most used by our visitors for which we don't already have translations.

  • Japanese (translations for help files required)
  • Turkish (translations for help files)
  • Korean


Are you interested in helping us translate this tool into your language? If so, thank you, we really appreciate it and I'm sure other users of the tool will to.

Additionally if you spot missing translations or another problem with any of the existing translations please consider downloading the corresponding language pack, updating and emailing back to us for inclusion in the tool.

Language Packs


To get started download our language pack (ZIP) which contains a copy of the files which need to be localised. It consists of one file which contains all the translation keys for the interface and the HTML and text for the help pages.

To help you understand the context of the translation keys you can tell the tool to display the keys in place of the text by passing a showKeys=true parameter in the query string. For example:

The tool uses UTF-8 throughout so you shouldn't need to encode entities. Simply make sure that you save the files as UTF-8 in your editor to avoid any corruption of extended characters.

Once you've translated the files send them back to us and we'll add them to the tool.

Incomplete Languages

If you'd like to provide missing translations for your language please email us amd we'll send you the relevant language pack.


Thanks to the following people who have provided translations. Their contributions have genuinely made this tool more useful.